Welcome to ROI Media Consultants

Since 2002, our deep-rooted connections within the world of online publishing allows our advertisers unique leverage when buying media and enables our publishers to more efficiently monetize their advertising inventory. A history of strong relationships with the decision makers at the top of the online publishing world and tight, long-term relationships with advertisers, provides us with a unique understanding of media that other firms just can’t obtain. This allows our partners a market advantage. Our ability to manage campaigns and inventory from start to finish ensures the media being transacted will be done at the most optimal market rate. At ROI, we focus and report on your complete online advertising campaigns’ efficiencies, and we let the numbers illustrate the story. Our in-depth reporting and presentation gives clear direction to our clients, so you can focus on your business.

We bring top brand advertisers to the large scale RTB marketplace. ROI delivers a complete understanding of the digital market place.



Our core competency

What ROI does best: We buy media, we are one of the top digital media buying companies in the world, transacting billion of impressions per month. We provide scale and insight to our clients that is not available through traditional agencies. We fill large volumes of inventory and offer competitive pricing, in a professional, low maintenance, manner.


Technology or process

We have developed a first look serving technology that eliminates the adstack or chain, giving all advertiser the ability to perform. Once consistency and optimization have taken hold, we have an attribution algorithm that allows for optimal yield.